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Fiat unveils training program to help poor Indians into jobs


Fiat unveils training program to help poor Indians into jobs

Italian car manufacturer Fiat on Thursday unveiled a new vocational program aimed at "orphans, disadvantaged and poor Indian students" which seeks to teach trainees marketable skills with which to find jobs. The program, called "Diksha", meaning "preparation for a complete life", was organized by Fiat India Automobiles in collaboration with the Pune division of the Don Bosco association. In a press release, Fiat said the initiative "will use the immense knowledge, concentration and training available with Fiat to offer best vocational training to the students interested in making a career in the manufacturing world. "With such a refined style of vocational training the students would be skilled to work in the automobile industry". Fiat India Automobiles Chief Executive Rajeev Kapoor said: "Being one of the pioneers in the automobile industry we understand the changing dynamics of the manufacturing world and realise the need of upgrading the training facilities at the vocational centres so that we can churn out better skilled talent who could work in the high competitive sector. "This initiative is our effort to enhance this process".



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